5 Reasons Travel Helps Your Soul

There are many good reasons to travel and for those people who haven’t traveled – take a leap of faith and do it! You never know until you try! Below is a list of the reasons why you should, hopefully this will convince you to at least try and travel once? I hope so!


1. It allows you to leave your comfort zone

Husson Campus - Stormi.jpg
Taken by Stormi Jane; Husson University

Leaving your comfort zone is difficult, but it’s worth it in the end. It takes one big push to leave your comfort zone, but once you’re out there it gets easier! Traveling helps people to leave their comfort zone, because it brings them in an area that’s foreign to them.

Often times when people leave their comfort zone, they have less fear for other things and feel they can conquer the world! This great feeling of taking on the world is comforting and satisfying.


2. It’s an eye-opening experience

Taken by Andrew Tham; Dedham, Maine

Traveling allows people to see things they normally don’t get to see in their normal daily life. Traveling, seeing things, and talking to people you normally don’t see amounts to gaining cultural and social knowledge.

Learning things about culture, social interactions and knowledge about the location is rewarding as it makes you into a much more aware individual.


3. You can meet new friends

collage-2017-04-01 (2).png
Taken by Stormi Jane and others; Collage made by Stormi Jane; Husson SEE Program

Traveling opens you up to many new options and settings. This new environment has many things to offer as it is unexplored territory by you. Explore the environment and meet new friends. Meeting friends is a great way to stay connected with the culture and to learn even more things about the area.

Making new friends in these areas helps you and helps them. Exchange social media accounts to stay connected, that’s if you feel comfortable doing this. Better yet, exchange email if that’s more comfortable to be on the safe side!


4. It helps you to better appreciate your life

Taken by Unknown; Bangor, Maine

It’s very easy to lose sight of what you have right in front of you. Sometimes it simply takes picking yourself up, hopping on a plane and arriving in a new country to give yourself a wake up call. Traveling definitely makes you appreciate your life more by seeing what others have or don’t have and then comparing your situation to theirs.

Often times people get caught up in their own little world…. Take a deep breath, look around and take in the beauty around you.


5. Escape life


You never know what life will throw at you. Whether it’s a bad breakup, a death, a demanding job or negative people, a great way to help yourself emotionally through these challenges is to take a step back, analyze the situation and take a trip! Getting away from the environment in which you are having issues really helps you on an emotional level.

Sometimes just taking a day trip to a beach or wooded area or national park or further away can help to release pent up energy. GO! Do you want to keep your health? Relax! Get rid of your stress! Angered or saddened stress is not good for you for too long! Keep your mind, body and soul healthy and happy!